Published on 26 May, 2023

NEW, DISCOUNTED prices of your favorite ISMOD devices!

Great news for adult consumers: ISMOD has new, discounted prices of its most popular and demanded ISMOD Nano & ISMOD Mini devices!

What is the new price of the most demanded devices in the market?

Since now, the powerful ISMOD Nano is available at MKD 900, and the practical ISMOD Mini can be yours at only MKD 600!

There you are, at, or at the ISMOD Store in GTC!

Published on 9 March, 2023

ISMOD MINI available – NOW!

A few days ago,with a super themed party organized in the ISMOD Store, the people of Skopje had the opportunity to get acquainted with the new ISMOD Mini device for heating tobacco products.

Nice atmosphere with excellent music lifted the mood of the attendees who had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the most unique device from the famous brand.

Following the trends and responding to the challenges brought by the new modern age, ISMOD has created the impressive Mini device which is already on sale online through the site, as well as in the ISMOD Store in GTC, ground floor.

With its irresistible design, available in several colors, and with its 40 grams, the Mini is the lightest device on the market. At the same time, it represents an excellent and tempting opportunity for all adult consumers who want to replace traditional cigarettes with a new innovative device that does not emit harmful smoke, does not smell and does not produce ash.

Published on 9 February, 2023

ISMOD Store in City Shopping Center, Skopje

The first ISMOD point of sales has opened, the only one in our country for the sale of devices for heating cartridges made of non-combustible tobacco!

The ISMOD Store is located in the center of Skopje, in the GTC on the ground floor, in the corridor towards the cafes, right across from the entrance to the GTC administrative offices.

It represents a sales space for consultation and necessary information about ISMOD Devices, as well as about this type of consumption of tobacco products for adults. But this space is also conceptual, where all those interested have the opportunity to freely use it for work or study, and the ISMOD Store team will also help you in the realization of your exhibition, workshop, promotion and similar type of events – for free!

And yes, we are also pet friendly!

Published on 3 February, 2023

ISMOD Store coming soon!

On 08.02.2023 (Wednesday), the first presentation-sales showroom opens in the centre of Skopje, in GTC!

ISMOD Store, in addition to the commercial aspect, will also have another dimension!

It is made as a pleasant new city corner, where all those interested in a pleasant atmosphere will have the opportunity to drink coffee, freely use the space for work, study or read a good book, and the ISMOD team will help you in the realization of your exhibition, workshop, promotion and similar type of events. And for free!


Published on 15 December, 2022

NMate giveaway in SCM!

From today, December 15, 2022 to January 10, 2023, come to the ISMOD point of sale in Skopje City Mall and get a NMate device as a gift!


NMate is one of the most unique devices on the market for heating non-combustible tobacco cartridges. Simply inserting the non-combustible tobacco cartridge is recognized by the NMate and the device activates itself, starting the session.


Hurry up, the quantities are limited!

Published on 14 December, 2022

SCM Open Point of Sale!

Starting tomorrow, December 15, 2022, ISMOD is opening its first Pop-up store in Skopje City Mall!

Come and find out about our non-combustible tobacco cartridge heating devices and learn more about all the offers we have to offer!

We are located on the first floor, at LC Waikiki.
We are expecting you!

Published on 26 September, 2022

Nano, a novelty on the market!

After the arrival of the ISMOD II Plus device on the Macedonian market, we present the ISMOD Nano.

At 49 grams, this is the lightest single heating device for non-combustible tobacco cartridges and weighs twice as much as all the others.

The ISMOD Nano has the option to adjust the heating intensity between low/medium/high, and removes the cartridge with a simple slide button on the side of the device.


Published on 24 September, 2022

II Plus is here!

ISMOD II Plus is the most unique model of the ISMOD range with the possibility of sharing the consumption session with another person.

The ISMOD II Plus holder clicks back into the charger using magnets, holding them securely in place. You can enjoy two consecutive sessions with one of the holders, and then while the empty one is charging you have the opportunity to enjoy the second one again in the next two.

Published on 21 September, 2022

ISMOD has arrived

For the first time in our country, innovation and advanced technology in the unique devices for heating cartridges from non-combustible tobacco ISMOD!

ISMOD devices, as well as all accompanying and necessary accessories, the adult users of tobacco and tobacco products will be able to find them in all well-stocked sales chains, gas stations, individual stores and kiosks throughout the country.

ISMOD devices are intended for all those who are ready to change something for the better. Sometimes habits, and sometimes yourself!

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