Useful information

ISMOD™ devices are not without risk!

ISMOD devices use non-combustible tobacco cartridges which are tobacco products that contain nicotine.

Pregnant and lactating women, as well as people who have, or are at risk of, heart disease, are epileptic and/or face seizures, as well as diabetics and people in other health vulnerable categories should not use products containing nicotine.

If you have questions about your existing health condition and whether you should use ISMOD™, consult your doctor.

However, your best decision is to stop using tobacco products!


How does the ISMOD device work?

The purpose of the ISMOD device is to heat a cartridge of non-combustible tobacco, which creates an aerosol that contains nicotine in smaller quantities compared to a traditional cigarette, but also with significantly reduced amounts of harmful and potentially harmful constituents compared to those produced by the traditional cigarette. This is made possible by the lower temperatures used to heat the non-combustible tobacco cartridge, as opposed to the higher temperatures used to burn the tobacco in a traditional cigarette.

During the combustion of tobacco in a traditional cigarette at high temperatures (more than 800°C) many harmful and potentially harmful constituents are created, and the principle of the ISMOD device is to reduce creation and exposure of harmful and potentially harmful constituents through controlled heating of cartridges from non-combustible tobacco, at lower temperatures up to 350°C (compared to temperatures of a traditional cigarette), which do not cause the tobacco to burn, so that through evaporation of some of the ingredients in the reconstituted tobacco (tobacco foil) an aerosol is created that is acceptable to consumers.

In the ISMOD device, the processes of combustion, pyrolysis and progenesis of tobacco, which operate at temperatures above 400°C and are largely responsible for the formation of harmful and potentially harmful ingredients contained in conventional smoke from traditional cigarettes, do not occur. In the ISMOD device, tobacco is heated rather than burned, resulting in a significant reduction in harmful and potentially harmful ingredients compared to traditional cigarettes.

Use of non-combustible tobacco cartridges

Use only:

  • ISMOD II Plus™ with Nuso™ non-combustible tobacco cartridges
  • ISMOD Nano™ with Nuso™ non-combustible tobacco cartridges
  • ISMOD NMate™ with Nuso™ non-combustible tobacco cartridges
  • ISMOD Mini ™ with Nuso™ non-combustible tobacco cartridges

It is important to be aware that damage to the ISMOD device may occur if you use it with any other non-combustible tobacco cartridges other than Nuso™ non-combustible tobacco cartridges.

Do not change non-combustible tobacco cartridges, nor add any substances to them!


Battery and Capacity

ISMOD devices, the bodies together with the holders, use a lithium-ion battery.

You should know that it has a shelf life, i.e., that it is expendable and its capacity decreases over time as it is used and aged. This results in a reduction in the ability of the battery to provide sufficient power for the correct and best functioning of the electronic device, so your sessions may seem shorter, and after charging the full battery time may be shorter.

In order to slow down this process of natural aging of the battery, we recommend that you charge the device in a recommended temperature zone, do not leave it discharged for a long period of time and use the cable that comes with the ISMOD device.

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