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With the ISMOD Nano it can last at least 20 cartridges, and with the ISMOD II Plus up to 28 cartridges with one charge.

See the user guide, if it still doesn’t work, contact our customer support team by email at or fill out the contact form.
* You can download the user guide above, in User guides.

Yes, we have. For more information, see our products section.

ISMOD is an alternative product for adult smokers who want and are looking for a better alternative to quit smoking and enjoy the real taste of tobacco without much of the inconvenience of cigarettes, such as ash or smoke. It is not intended for those who have given up traditional cigarettes or have never smoked.

ISMOD is a smart smokeless device that uses sophisticated electronics to heat tobacco instead of burning it, releasing nicotine-containing aerosols.

ISMOD is intended for use with non-combustible tobacco cartridges.

No, it cannot be used with traditional cigarettes. ISMOD devices are designed to operate with non-combustible tobacco cartridges.

No, ISMOD does not create smoke because it does not burn the tobacco. It releases aerosols in the form of steam that you see when you use the device.

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